How Real is Retirement?

If less than 10% of South Africans at 65 end up with sufficient capital to retire, then retirement is an illusion for the remaining for most of us. So what are the options?

Depend on your family
The problem is that families are under financial pressure to make ends meet and an extra dependent will add to the pressure. This is probably the last option you will want to take as all members of the family will have to make a financial sacrifice.

Depend on the state
Not much to look forward to from a state pension. The cost of living escalates at a far greater rate than the state pension increases every year.

Carry on working as long as your health permits                                                    This is the only real solution for many people. The ideal space to be in would be a business that you create for yourself by doing something that you are passionate about that generates an income which you can live off. You then rely on your health to keep going for as long as possible. If you are driven by passion then this could be longer than you think.

Don’t give in to the paradigm  of 65….                                                                             Just because your pension fund made you retire at age 65 doesn’t mean that you have to adhere. If you are prepared to think outside of conventional thinking and plan and prepare in advance your life can begin at 65. Or even before it…There are many more years ahead that you have to cater for. It’s not only about the money but also about the reason or purpose you have to get out of bed in the morning for the rest of your life.


Retirement isn’t in the frame                                                                                 Getting set in your new found self, taking 65 out of the picture will give you the advantage of looking past retirement and into a new chapter in your life.

If you put your mind to it there are many possibilities. It will take courage and hard work which may be a far better result than struggling on a dwindling pension throughout your retirement.

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